Visit us on your own

Visit TWSC on your own You can come down and see what we have to offer, meet some of the other members and have a set or two behind the boat before deciding if you'd like to join us. read more

Bring a large group

Organise a group to wakeboard or waterski We hire out the lake, boats and drivers every Saturday morning so if you want to arrange a large group of people to waterski and wakeboard then you can at TWSC. read more

Use your own boat

Use your own boat on our lake We offer private boat membership schemes that are very affordable and allow you to use your own boat on the TWSC lake without pre-booking time slots months in advance like other clubs. read more

All Standards Welcome

TWSC is suitable for all standards of waterskiing and wakeboarding. If you want to learn in a friendly environment then visit us!

Full Ballast Sytems

The combination of Malibu's power wedge and a full Fly High fatsac system provides an excellent wake to launch those new wakeboard tricks

2 Slalom Courses

TWSC offers two competition class slalom courses on different sides of the lake to maximise flat water availability for waterskiiers

Qualified Instructors

We have a number of qualified instructors to help you on your way to the next level or teaching you the basics to get you started

Perfect Pass

Perfect pass speed governing system is fitted to both boats which means your speed will be constant while waterskiing or wakeboarding

Four Person Inflatable

This is a great way to introduce kids to the water or for adults to re-live their childhood.

About TWSC

TWSC is a wakeboarding and waterskiing club in Reading, Berkshire. With two Malibu Response LXi boats we offer two slalom courses for slalom water-skiiers and full fatsac ballast systems for wakeboarding.

We are the cheapest club in the South of England with a really friendly group of members so if you're looking for lessons to learn how to waterski or wakeboard then we can teach you!